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Listed in order of priority, written from the view of the drivers station:

Auto Strategy:

  1. Goal: Totes set (6 points) or Container set (8 points), Robot set (4 points)
    Total points: 10 (with Totes set) or 12 (with Container set)
    1. Start behind either tote or container
    2. Pickup either 1 tote or 1 container
    3. Drive backwards and place in middle of autozone
    4. Move to either the far right or far left of autozone (to stay out of the way of other robots)
  2. Drawing of Auto Strategy #2
  3. Goal: Totes stack (20 points)
    Total points: 20
    1. Start behind of the yellow tote at the far right facing the drivers station
    2. Move forward, pickup first tote, lift tote up, slide left
    3. Lower hook, pickup second tote, lift tote up, slide left
    4. Lower hook, pickup third tote, backup into autozone
    5. Place stack on ground

Teleop Strategy:

  1. Goal: 18 points
    1. Pickup yellow tote stack and place on the step
    2. Pickup front 3 or 4 totes to the right of the step and place on scoring platform
    3. Plow the 2 totes behind the previous 3
    4. Pickup container and place on top of stack on scoring platform


  • Cannot start in the autozone (p. 10)
  • Want to be able to pick up garbage bins and/or totes in any configurations
  • Drive on scoring platform straight on