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This page details all social media that Team 2342 is active on, how to post to it, and what type of content is encouraged on each.


The team Facebook can be found here. Facebook is primarily comprised of adults, from 25-51. Typically, this is where parents, mentors, and sponsors will be going to find information about our team. This page should be very professional, with a few tasteful and clever jokes scattered throughout. Photos are a plus, as they grab people's attention when scrolling through a Facebook feed, but regular posts will work as well. It is not as important to reference pop culture on this sight, and referencing current events is appropriate if you are showing sympathy for a country or place that has suffered recently. Try to stray from anything that could cause issues, such as support for a sports team or a political view. Posting here 3-5 times a week is ideal.


Twitter can be found here. Twitter has a younger demographic, with more active young adults and teenagers than Facebook. Posts are short, so someone who is good at condensing information and posting, clear, concise information is ideal for this task. The text limit can be worked around by using photographs or digital images with text in them, so someone who can create items such as these is ideal. Even without text, photos are a wonderful addition to any post. Once again, nothing polarizing, but a general knowledge of current events is encouraged. Replying, liking, and re-tweeting to stay in contact with other teams is a great way to keep the team name present in many people's minds. Post on Twitter at least once a day for the best result possible.


The team's Instagram handle is team.2342 Instagram's post system is photos and videos. Someone with a smartphone is required for this one, as you can not post to Instagram from a computer. Someone with a knowledge of how to take and filter appealing photos and videos is of the greatest importance. Humorous or interesting captions should be incorporated, as well as certain tags that will be listed at the bottom of the page. The age range for this app is 13-29, so pop culture can be tastefully incorporated into captions and post edits. Liking and commenting on other team's posts is a good idea, as well as following as many teams as possible. Post on Instagram 3-10 times a week for best results.


The Snapchat handle is team2342 Snapchat has a younger crowd. The person running this should post to the snapchat story every day in order to maintain posts, as they delete every 24 hours. These should have humorous captions, and videos are absolutely encouraged. This is another smartphone app, so anyone using this must have a smartphone. Giving out the login to multiple people on different subteams would be the best idea. Post every 24 hours or more in order to keep information on the story.


The tumblr can be found here. Tumblr has a very different culture from all other social media, with a very large age range. Tumblr has a very specific sense of humor that fluctuates almost daily, so the person managing tumblr must be a current user! Pop culture incorporation is very important, so make sure the person posting here is up to date on what format of post is popular. Text posts, vidoes, photos, and many other formats are published here. Following other teams, tracking tags, and reblogging and liking posts are essential for keeping in contact with people on this social media. Without followers, no one views your content.


All social media formats use the same tags. A list is found below of the most popular tags

  1. omgrobots
  2. first
  3. firstrobotics
  4. first robotics
  5. robotics
  6. firststronghold (for 2016 season)