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These modules include BOTH a working drive train and a frame you can bolt other modules to.
Kits available for purchase typically don't include CIM motors or encoders - you need to purchase them separately.

Name Image Description Reviews
AndyMark am-14u2 ML5
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CAD available
Am-14u2.jpg This chassis is the same as the one in the 2015 FRC Kit of Parts. This product ships as an un-assembled kit. It features HiGrip Wheels, Toughbox Mini Gearboxes, and a Gates HTD Belts. This chassis DOES NOT include CIM motors. The sheet metal parts are 31" and 32" long but may be cut down to make smaller frames. Holes in the frame work for #10 clearance or 1/4-20 threads. Holes are 0.50" and 1.00" apart on center.

Note that any part in this kit can be purchased separately on AndyMark - just look for the Included Parts and follow links to the individual components.

4star.png This is a nice integrated chassis and tank-steer drive train. It won't be optimal for every game, but you'll be up and driving fast! - Alec Muller
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FRC Team 2342
Mecanum A
CAD available
Mecanum integrated chassis As.jpg This is a 30 lb FRC-legal chassis made entirely with off-shelf or modified-off-the-shelf parts from AndyMark and McMaster-Carr, as well as a 3D printed encoder bracket. (Purchased parts have the part number in the filename).

The wheels are geared at 4.2:1 for a top speed of 16.67 ft/s, and each has an encoder on the output shaft. The wheel contact patches form a 20.5" x 20.5" square for easier coding & driving.
3star.png Very fast and maneuverable, but you'll get clobbered in a pushing match. - Alec Muller

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