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These modules are intended to be bolted to a chassis.
They are NOT integrated with the chassis - for an integrated chassis with a drive train, see Integrated Drive + Chassis Modules.

Name Image Description Reviews
FRC Team 2342
Mecanum Left and Right
CAD available
Mecanum modules a3s.png This is a pair of compact motor/gear/wheel modules with heavy duty (rated for 100 lbs each) 4" mecanum wheels. Each uses an FRC-legal CIM motor with a gear ratio of 4.2:1 and an expected top speed of 16.6 ft/s. Each weighs 6.25 lbs, has an encoder, and is designed to be made with off-the-shelf parts from AndyMark and McMaster that can be customized with a drill press & bandsaw (but a mill would be more precise). Designed by Alec Muller but not been built yet.

3star.png Be careful when mounting these to your chassis; it won't work well unless all 4 wheels contact the ground. - Alec Muller
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FRC Team 3928
CAD available
Butterfly drive module As.png Drive module includes 2 omni wheels and 2 high-traction wheels, using pneumatics to change wheels. Speed is 15 ft/s in omni-wheel mode, 6 ft/s in traction-wheel mode.

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FRC Team 525
CAD available
Drives 525-2s.jpg A pair of 6" mecanum wheels has encoders and is geared for 9.8ft/s top speed. Two pneumatic cylinders actuate to lower a pair of 2" Colson high traction wheels geared at 4.5ft/s.

The CAD model will need some slight tweaks: the Colson wheel and the chain driving it both have slight interferences with the structure that holds the wheel.

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Swerve & Steer
[Buy It]
CAD not available
Swerve.jpg This is a COTS Swerve drive sold by AndyMark. It comes fully-assembled and includes both motors. You'll need 3 or 4 of them to make a working robot.

4star.png Excellent way to let teams experiment with swerve drives. I have not purchased this product, so weigh other peoples reviews more heavily than mine - Alec

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