Current Progress/Tasks for Business (19 February)

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The business subteam has finished writing the essay for the Chairman's Award: in addition, they have finished filming and editing the Chairman's video. The essay and video were submitted at 12:00 pm this afternoon. After Take 2 of the video last Saturday, the members of the business subteam edited the video to ensure that it was ready for submission. The business subteam is currently working on a presentation for the Chairman's Award. They are planning to utilize both team photos and text to create an effective presentation.

The business subteam is also creating sponsor and decoration panels for the robot. The decoration panel is essentially the location for robotics-inspired artwork. This panel will be placed in the middle of the robot. In addition to creating these panels, the business subteam has continued to sew the mascot costume. They have been cutting and sewing feathers, feathers, and more feathers! Their hard work is appreciated!