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5 Approaches to Getting Better Robot Designs Sooner through Crowd Sourcing

  1. Use social media to find and make network connections with teams who are working on the same problems you are. For example: sensors that robustly measure the distance and orientation of a game piece. Find us on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit
  2. As you identify problems, share them with other teams in your network.
    1. They may not have considered the problem, so you’ll be helping them.
    2. They might have considered and resolved the problem, so they can help you.
  3. Help try out ALL the different approaches to solving a problem.
    1. Be very thorough in exploring the solution space (see Six Ways to Sunday).
    2. Keep other teams apprised of which approaches you’re taking to solving a problem.
    3. This includes putting people to work identifying under-explored problem-solving approaches.
  4. When you have a solution, build, share, and sell it!
    1. Share your CAD models (GrabCAD) and purchasing sources (i.e. McMaster part numbers).
      1. Other teams benefit from your solution.
      2. Other teams can suggest improvements that will benefit your team.
    2. Build spare copies of your solution.
      1. Use spare mechanisms internally (i.e. two for coding to test different coding approaches, two for mech to build subsequent evolutions of the design).
      2. Sell spare mechanisms to other teams:
        1. Your team makes money selling a component to another team for a profit.
        2. The other team benefits from your design.
        3. You benefit from any testing that they do and improvements they share.
        4. If you change the design and no longer need the mechanism, sell it! It may be just what another team needs, and you’ll get money you can use to buy other people’s solutions.
    3. Also share your test data for a given solution.
      1. Sharing data for a mechanism you designed gives other teams more confidence that it works, and makes them more likely to buy it from you.
      2. Sharing data you collect from testing another team’s mechanism is also great. The team that designed it will be more likely to improve their design and share the improvement with you if you share test data with them.
  5. Amplify the good and the bad.
    1. If a team sells a solution to you that does what it says it would and works great – tell everyone! You’ll not only help others find a good solution, but your goodwill might get rewarded with suggestions from for additional solutions that work even better.
    2. If a team sells a solution to you that doesn’t do what they say it will, share that experience too. This is the best mechanism we have to keep quality high.