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We have a number of tutorials for CAD (which we also share with other teams). Most can be accessed EITHER from the DWC network drive OR from GrabCAD (you'll need to create a free account to get them from GrabCAD).

List of Tutorials

01 - Create a simple machined motor mount plate and a drawing:

[K:\CAD Training\01 Basic Machined Plate]

02 - Create mates, add parts to assemblies, make measurements in assemblies, and create cross-sections in assemblies:

[K:\CAD Training\02 Mates and Cross Sections]

03 - Download parts and assemblies from the web, save copies of them, and modify them:

[K:\CAD Training\03 Adding a Ball Gatherer to a Chassis]

04 - Advanced Design, Designing an Octocanum from Start to Finish:

This one is a different format and uses a Google Sheet.