2016 Game Strategy

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Auto Strategy

Go over 1 defense in slot 4 or 5

Shoot high goal

If another team wants to use the same slot for auto or if they want to shoot in the same goal at the same time, try to convince them to let you

Teleop Strategy

Listed in order of priority

  1. Try to have a spy player
  2. Try to avoid defense in qualifications, but try to have a defense bot in playoffs (especially against small, fast robots)
  3. Be willing to sacrifice a breach if it means getting a win for more rank points, or if a win does not seem possible prioritize the breach
  4. Figure out with your alliance what obstacles can be prioritized for your robot, what their robots should prioritize, and finish the obstacles that you want to go for until it has been completely weakened. (Try to personally breach 2 defenses)
    1. * If possible, breach obstacle in positions 4 and/or 5 for best shooting position
  5. Shoot low goal to weaken tower
  6. Shoot high goal for more points(when breaching first defense, when breaching second don't bother unless there's plenty of time left)
  7. If in a match you weaken all the obstacles you can, and time is remaining, sit on the middle part of the tower to stay out of the way until the end of the match so that you may challenge the tower

In an ideal match, our robot alone will score 57 points

We can expect a range of 37-104 point from our alliance

A very good match with a good alliance should get us 170+ points plus Rank points

This should give us at least the breach rank point, and in good matches the capture rank point and win points

Alliance Bot 1 Alliance Bot 2 Strategy
Breacher Breacher Have the other teams breach the defenses and breach any defenses they can't (if we can), and have them bring us balls so that we can shoot
Breacher High Goal Breach the defenses and go for high goals
Breacher Low Goal Breach and go for high goals, have low goal go for low shots to weaken tower
Breacher Defense If the defense bot is actually a good defender, have them defend and breach/shoot with breacher. If defense bot is bad, see what they can go over.
High Goal High Goal Plan around who can do which defenses, and have each bot do what they can and shoot to weaken tower
High Goal Low Goal Have the low goal bot focus on weakening tower breach and shoot with the other high bot
High Goal Defense If the defense bot is actually a good defender, have them defend and breach/shoot with breacher. Breach and shoot with high goal bot
Low Goal Low Goal Help breach whatever they can, weaken tower, feed us balls once we breach whatever we can to maximize points
Low Goal Defense Have low bot go through low bar and weaken tower, make defense bot breach what they can or defend if they are good.